In 2022 Maiden uniteD celebrates the 40th anniversary of the 1982 masterpiece ‘The Number of the Beast’.
This song, this album changed the heavy metal history forever. Maiden uniteD recorded this track back in 2019, released the song on their album ‘The Barrel House Tapes’ and recorded a video of this track as well of which you can find down below on this page.

In honor of this 40th anniversary, Maiden uniteD released a 10” bloodred vinyl of this track. Side B contains 2 new previously unreleased songs.

Maiden uniteD: ‘The Number of the Beast’
10” Bloodred Vinyl (Yazmine Park)

Side A:
The Number of the Beast

Vocals: Jeroen Voogd
Guitar: Daan Janzing
Bass: Joey Bruers
Piano: Polle van Genechten
Drums: Dirk Bruinenberg 

Side B:
Can I Play With Madness
Public Enema Number One

Vocals: Jeroen Voogd
12-String: Daan Janzing
Guitar: Daan Janzing
Bass: Joey Bruers
Guest Vocals: Celine Horsten


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