the shows

Rehearsals shows: 8 & 9 February - Tilburg NL

You can visit the rehearsals for the main theater show on February 8th and 9th @ Paradox, Tilburg. The build-up of the set, the run-through of the tracks, the guests, etc.

2 nights of rehearsals to prepare the whole chaos to a smooth like organisation… There will be access for 50 people only per night in a cozy intimate sphere.

Pre-show: 10 February - Kerkrade NL

Maiden uniteD will bring the full 1980 show on stage @ Parkstad Limburg Theaters with the full stage set. So including Doug on sound and Loopy on stage. This show will be the warm-up for The biggest show in Maiden uniteD history so far. Keep an eye on this page for more news about this show.

There will be roundtrip bus travels from Tilburg (Roots/Little Devil) to Kerkrade available that day. More news about the bus will be displayed real soon.

More news about the bus tickets will be added real soon to this page. Please subscribe to the 1980 mailinglist to be the first to know about the bus trip.

Main show: 11 February - Tilburg NL

The biggest show in Maiden uniteD history on stage. All tracks of Iron Maiden’s debut album and more will be played in a Maiden uniteD arrangement. Dennis Stratton will be part of the MU-line-up as Dennis was part of the Iron Maiden line-up on that debut album back in 1980. Doug Hall (Iron Maiden’s soundengineer (1980 – 1992) will be on sound. On top of this ‘Loopy’ (Steve Newhouse, Iron Maiden roadie 1978-1984) will be joining the band on stage.

A full 1980 Maiden experience!

Afterparty: 12 February - Tilburg NL

Little Devil Afterparty with Up The Irons on stage featuring Dennis Stratton as a special guest.

To close this 1980 weekend we will turn Little Devil into a 1980 London venue with many early days tracks of Iron Maiden live on stage. Stay tuned for news of this afterparty.

Only 175 Tickets available


08 Feb '23 - Rehearsal show
Paradox Tilburg NL

09 Feb '23 - Rehearsal show
Paradox Tilburg NL

10 Feb '23 - Pre-show
Theaters Kerkrade NL

11 Feb '23 - Main show
Theaters Tilburg NL

12 Feb '23 - After party
Little Devil Tilburg NL